Menu Plan Monday

mpmAnother week, another menu plan Monday.  But we can feel encouraged, because IT IS MARCH!!!  THE MONTH SPRING BEGINS! (can you tell I’m excited about that?)

Here’s the plan:

Monday: make your own pizzas (I make the dough, everyone puts their toppings on their individual pizzas)

Tuesday: French’s Crunchy Onion Chicken (I made this recently and the kids loved it – it was like chicken strips at a restaurant, but healthier), probably with frozen veggies of some type

Wednesday: mystery frozen entree:  Often when I make a recipe, I double it and freeze one.  I see I have something in there, and we’re having it Wednesday, but I’m not sure at this point what it is.  I’m sure it will be good 🙂

Thursday: Vegetable Barley Soup with leftover Dark Whole Wheat Bread (Betsy came up with this recipe, and I made it last week.  So good!  And it makes a huge loaf, so half is still in the freezer).

Friday: Foil Packet Taco Chicken.  I’ve done several foil packet recipes in the last year, and the kids especially seem to enjoy them.

What’s part of your Menu Plan Monday for the week?


3 thoughts on “Menu Plan Monday

  1. I am super excited about spring coming too! My daughter’s birthday is this week, so it should be a fun one for us…

    Your menu sounds wonderful, have a great week!

  2. My husband and I appear to have caught a spring cold or it’s sinus season. Ugh!
    Thank goodness we have a teenager who likes to cook.
    I guess I’ll take a day off, put my feet up and do some blog visiting.
    Happy MPM.

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