Childhood Memories Friday: Childhood Wishes

Childhood Memories Friday

If I three childhood wishes when I was 7 or 8 years old, I know just what I would have hoped for:

First, go go boots (wow, I sound like such a wild little kid!).  It was the early ’70s, and I thought I would really have arrived if I just had a pair of these popular boots.

Murk familyHere is the Murk family, who came to our church to perform several times, and you can see that all the girls are looking so cool in their boots. Ah, the jealousy!

To go with my boots, my childhood wishes also included a muff.  Muffs were just so princess-y and cute (something I was not), yet I held out the hope that a muff would transform me.

station wagon

Wikimedia photo commons, Bull-Doser

Finally, I wished fervently for a station wagon.  Yep, with the wood paneling on the side, and more importantly, that big area in the back where I could imagine my sister and I playing with our Fisher Price Little People during long car trips.

So, did I ever get any of these items?  Well, no.  Maybe that’s why I still remember wanting them so vividly.

If you had three childhood wishes, would have they have been?

Memory… is the diary that we all carry about with us.  ~Oscar Wilde

13 thoughts on “Childhood Memories Friday: Childhood Wishes

  1. I wanted Go Go boots too! We must be about the same age. They were just too cool for school! ha ha
    The car I wanted was a black Mark IV. Never got either of them either. :o) I would have been too hard to live with if I’d gotten them anyway. [lol]
    God bless. ♥ ∞

  2. I wished school would not end in the early spring. We lived on a farm and summers seemed to last forever! One year I cried on the last day of school.

    I will forever be in love with food. Sometimes my folks went to Huntingburg and bought rolls from a bakery. I believe there were six attached together. I so badly wanted more rolls. I would think – if only I were an ONLY child, I could have more rolls. As it was, I had to share them with my dad, mom, and two sisters.

  3. A HORSE!!! That’s what I wanted in the worst way. I didn’t get one of my own, but once a year I got to spend a day riding my uncle’s horse, and I have such sweet memories! (As for the boots, if it makes you feel any better they were terribly uncomfortable! At least the cheap ones were… esp. in Florida where I was sweating inside them, yuck!)

  4. I would’ve LOVED the boots and the muff; but one thing I really wanted and never got: an Easy Bake Oven…..

  5. I’m trying to remember what my greatest wish would have been as a child. It might have been to have a TV, since we didn’t have one while many of our friends did. Or, maybe to be allowed to read nonstop!

  6. Something I wanted all my young years and never got was a television. When I was in school from around 8th grade on up, it seemed EVERYBODY had a little black and white television – everybody that was, except US! What was on tv the night before was a BIG topic among people. I doubt they got more than five channels. I begged and begged and begged and we NEVER got a television!

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