Today, I am introducing you to a new toy I just got, thanks to an early birthday/Christmas gift from my mom:

cricut-createIt’s called a Cricut “Create”  (pronounced “cricket”), and it’s very neat.  Basically, it’s a machine that has a little automated blade that cuts letters and shapes (seen up and to the left in the photo).  You can program in what you want it to cut, and the things can be anywhere from 1/4″ to 12″ high.

I’m thinking it will be fun to use in scrapbooking, and also for the girls’ school projects and 4-H also.  Since getting it last week, we already used it for titles on the science fair boards (I would show you a photo, but they have – blessedly – already been brought to the school).

Although I watched the DVD that came with the Cricut, I’m new to the whole idea.  If any of you have one out there, please share tips and ideas!


8 thoughts on “Cricut

  1. Neat trinket, there! Happy Birthday!
    Just thought I’d stop by & see what you’re up to. I meant to tell you this the last time I was here. Pillars of the Earth is one of my FAVORITE books!! (Anne of Green Gables, too!) Along w/ the Outlander series books by Diana Gabaldon. If you haven’t tried these & you like big books (which you must, if you’re reading Pillars), then give em a go. They’re terrific!!
    Have a good day! Off to the kids’ school!

  2. Very cool! Never heard of it before and I’m not sure I would use it BUT I will tell others about it…thank you!!!

  3. A friend told me her son gave her a Cricut for Christmas. I was clueless what she was talking about. Then I noticed letters cut out very neatly on our church music room bulletin board and inquired who was capable of doing them. Again Cricut was mentioned by someone else. Another friend told me her husband bought one for her and she wondered why he did. “Now,’ she says, “We use it ALL THE TIME!” It took me awhile to realize it was not spelled c r i c k e t.

  4. Another thing I covet! You and Marilyn are in co-hoots today, 🙂

    Glad to hear about it from a source other than the infomercial.

  5. Way cool! I want one too! Congrats on the wonderful gift. You know, my birthday is in May if anyone is so inclined …. tee hee!! ♥ ∞

  6. I just got mine. I have not figured it out yet. I use 8 1/2 x 11 paper and I dont know how to measure it to stay on the paper. I guess i can read the instructions but anybody got a quick answer?

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