Treasure Your Children’s Artwork

I love kids’ artwork.  It’s probably no accident that one of my favorite children’s illustrators is Tomie dePaola, whose creations have a primitive, childlike look.  My own three girls have produced artistic creations galore, as I’m sure most children have.  Most, obviously, cannot be kept long-term.

How can you treasure your children’s artwork?

I wanted to keep a bit of each child’s artwork and display it in a meaningful way.  Beginning with my oldest, I am having a piece of each child’s artwork framed:

children's artworkDuring winter months, my next daughter’s artwork is featured:

children's artworkI haven’t had anything of my youngest daughter’s framed yet, but I will.  The girls enjoy seeing their art on display in the house, and I love the memories they hold and the way they look, too.  It works for me!


6 thoughts on “Treasure Your Children’s Artwork

  1. Well, those are the cutest pictures EVER! They are definitely worth framing. How precoius, Susan! You’ve got a budding young artist there!


    SHeila 🙂

  2. Love it!!! The great news for kids today that we as children missed out on is being able to save it all on the computer where it can live forever!!!!! Perhaps get them all scanned and later when they are older, you can present them with a bound book of their greatest works!

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