My Other Four Girls: Our Sponsor Girls

sponsor childrenToday, I thought I’d introduce you to my other four girls … our “sponsor girls,” or the girls our family sponsors .

First we have Maheswari.  She lives in India, at the Bethesda Leprosy Hospital School.  Her mom has leprosy and her dad pulls a rickshaw and lives under a bridge (no, I am not making this up – can you imagine?).  She always looks so happy in photographs.

Next we have Bernadine.  We have sponsored her since my oldest daughter’s first grade teacher talked about her own daughter, who was working at Mission of Hope in Haiti.  We began sponsoring Bernadine because she was age of my oldest daughter at the time.  We’ve been fortunate to know people who have gone to Bernadine’s orphanage on mission trips, and have been able to send her goodies with them.  The location of her parents is unknown.  She loves hair bows.

Then, our newest sponsor girl, Vaishnavi.  She lives at home, where her mom is, and her dad is a daily wage laborer who makes too little for the family to have even one meal a day.  She goes to a nearby school where she learns about Jesus and gets healthy food.  We’re just getting to know Vaishnavi, but she sent us a cute picture she’d drawn of a Christmas tree (do they even have those in India??)

Finally, Pritylota who lives in Bangladesh.  She lives with her parents in a slum area where they earn very little and they cannot provide for her education.  So, she now is able to go to school at Bethany Children’s Village where she can learn and be taught about Christianity as well as having her other needs met.  I always feel sad when I look at her, because in every photo we have she does not look very happy.

Our family loves looking at “our girls” each day and praying for them at dinner.  We write them letters and the girls draw them pictures.  It’s a fun way to share Christ’s love with others, and a way for the girls to realize that not everyone has been given as much materially as we in American have.


3 thoughts on “My Other Four Girls: Our Sponsor Girls

  1. What a wonderful thing this is, Susan! You’ve done such a nice thing for them all. They are blessed to have you in their lives and blessed to have the Lord, too!


    Sheila 🙂

  2. It is wonderful that you do this for your four ‘other’ girls as well as the girls in your house.

    How fun it must have been to have gotten to send goodies to Bernadine.

    The photos are so sweet; thanks for sharing!

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