Hedgie the Hedgehog

Today, I thought I would show you our hedgehog, Hedgie:

African pygmy hedgehogWe have all been fascinated by hedgehogs since reading Jan Brett’s books.  Jan is one of my favorite children’s author/illustrators (check out her website – it’s great!), and she loves hedgehogs.  She tries to sneak a hedgehog into each of her books!

hedgies_surprise_jacket_200My middle daughter decided she wanted a REAL hedgehog.  So, in November 2006 my middle sister bought her one!

Hedgie the hedgehog has provided us with plenty of adventure.  One day during the first months we had her, Hedgie escaped her cage (at night – hedgehogs are nocturnal).  The girls and I searched everywhere before finding her curled up under a toy truck a few bedrooms down (I am very glad she didn’t attempt to go down the stairs!).

Hedgie eats dry cat food, although in the wild hedgehogs eat bugs.  For treats, we feed her live mealworms.

Hedgie loves to run on a large wheel in her cage.  I read that hedgehogs often run 5 miles each night on these!  Yes, it can get loud – but my daughter swears it doesn’t keep her awake, even though Hedgie’s cage is in her bedroom.

Hedgehogs curl up in balls, which is very cute.  When I get her out and let her walk around the kitchen, she always stays close to the walls and makes her way around the room.

child reading with hedgehogHere’s my daughter with Hedgie – you can’t see Hedgie because she’s wrapped in the blanket.  My daughter sits like this for hours, reading to her.


8 thoughts on “Hedgie the Hedgehog

  1. My SIL has a hedgehog. She swears he calms her. She has high blood pressure and having the little fuzzy guy there brings her a lot of comfort. They’re terribly cute. I had no idea they were so popular until recently.
    We have three dogs that we adore. ♥ ∞

  2. Hi!

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    Thanks for your comment & well wishes!


  3. Our neighbor has a hedgehog; it’s the cutest thing, but I can’t hold it – it hurts! They know how to handle it and cuddle it like a baby.

    Thanks for always being an interesting part of TIMHT!

  4. I’ve only recently heard of having hedgehogs as pets. Is it something fairly new? They are cute little things!

  5. Ha!! That is too cute, especially the picture of you daughter reading with Hedgie. I have never thought of having a hedge hog as a pet…

  6. I love the picture of Isabel reading to Hedgie. Wow – I adore that Kamman bed!

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