Jon and Kate Plus Eight: Kate Gosselin, Up Close and Personal


Today, I share with you a book in my house:

Multiple Blessings GosselinThis book was in my house yesterday, and although it is not here today, it will be again (I’ll explain later).

My main focus today is that I SAW KATE GOSSELIN,  UP CLOSE AND PERSONAL (probably 10′ away)!

As you know, my feelings about Jon and Kate Plus Eight are decided mixed.  In short, I began by loving the show, and I still adore the sweet kids.  However, as the show continued, I began to see Jon and Kate as greedy, opportunistic, and generally blase about the dream-come-true that their life has become.

When I learned that Kate would be appearing at a home show in my state (albeit a two-hour drive away), I decided I would attend if I could.  Why?  It’s a good question, given the previous paragraph.  I guess it’s just the curiosity factor … although I see her weekly on TV, what would it be like to see her in person?

So.  I won a contest to get front-row seats (See?  I was on a mission!), invited my sister (another former fan of the show), and there we were.

The show was held in a large building at the state fairgrounds.  The “stage” for Kate and the seating area appeared small to me; nowhere near the size of the building.  News reports based the crowd for Kate at 1500, and I can tell you that all seats were taken early and there were people standing everywhere.

Kate Gosselin speaking eventWhen it was time for Kate to appear, she came in through a side door from outside.  Walking to the stage (really just a platform 2′ off the ground), I noted that she looked anything but happy to be here.

All the women (yep, I didn’t see a lot of men there) were oooh-ing and ahh-ing about how skinny she was, and yes, she did look thin.  She looked good – as someone who has had a tummy tuck, professional teeth whitening, monthly spa visits and daily runs on the treadmill should.

Kate Gosselin speaking event IndianapolisShe wore skinny black pants and a red sweater, and black sandals with probably 4″ heels.

A few people in the audience called out questions, and Kate said, “You don’t get to ask questions!  I have a few … how can  you live here in this cold?” (and it WAS cold – in the teens) “There ARE warmer places, you know!”

And with that, she began.  She told how she and Jon met, and she went through the story of her pregnancies and the birth of the sextuplets, and told briefly about their first year.

Kate Gosselin speaking eventAt this point, I should introduce you to someone in the audience who was giving me almost as much entertainment as Kate:  a woman on the other side of my sister.  I’ll called her Enthusiastic Woman or EW for short.

EW sat on the front 2″ of her chair the entire time.  While Kate was telling of the need to eat 4000 calories per day when she was pregnant, EW loudly called out, “You look great, Kate!”  Kate smiled and said, “Thank you!”

When Kate told about how difficult it was to let a volunteer feed one of her newborns, EW would loudly call out, “AWWWW!”  On and on.

One sore point among some J+K viewers is the fact that neither Jon nor Kate “work” in a traditional sense anymore.  Kate seemed sensitive to this criticism; mentioning that she had needed to stop working as a nurse seven weeks after she became pregnant with the sextuplets.  She said she hated that, because, “I like to work; I like to pay my bills.”

She also mentioned Jon losing two jobs because his employers did not want to take on the family due to insurance costs.  She told us wryly that “this is still legal in Pennsylvania, basically to let someone go for any reason.”  EW called out, “It’s legal here, too!””

Kate said that, while she and Jon now work VERY hard on their reality show, including parts we don’t see like production meetings, “the kids don’t work; the kids just get to play and have fun and go places.”

Kate Gosselin speaking eventKate asked how many of us had read “her” book, Multiple Blessings.  A roar went up from the crowd.  She then asked who would like to read book two … and book three … and the roar continued.  She told us to look for her new books soon.  For the uninitiated, this is another J+K controversy:  Multiple Blessings was apparently lived by Jon and Kate, but written by their friend Beth Carson, who was not mentioned.  No, there were not mentions either of Aunt Jodi, Nana Janet, or anyone else.  In fact, I don’t believe she mentioned more than one or two of the kids by name.  This talk was basically all about Kate.

The home show flier said she would give “tips for handling the household”, but there was none of that.  This was a recap of Multiple Blessings, which was being sold at an adjoining table.

Kate Gosselin speaking event Steve NeildHere’s another interesting thing:  see the gray-haired guy?  He is apparently Kate’s body guard/handler, because he was taking everything in.  I saw him stop two audience members from recording Kate, and when two local news stations showed up with cameras, he stopped them too.  He could be seen talking on his cell phone at various times throughout the talk.  Here you can see him, just to the left of the stage:

Kate Gosselin speaking event Steve NeildThis security was reminding me of my visit to the Sarah Palin rally last October. Except – this isn’t a candidate for vice-president.  This is just a mom who had six children at once.  As my sister marveled after the talk, “Can you imagine being paid thousands of dollars just to talk about being pregnant and giving birth?”  No, I can’t – but Kate clearly can.

After 35 minutes Kate said, “Okay, have I talked long enough?”  EW called out, “No!  We love you, Kate!”  And that was that.  Somehow I had expected Kate to talk briefly about their new house, or answer some already-submitted questions (I would have loved, but knew better than to expect, her to answer audience questions).  No, this was it.

Someone announced that Kate would be taking a five minute break and then signing books for an hour.  She said that if you were not already in the book line, there was no point in lining up because it was already so long.

As you might expect, EW immediately jumped towards the stage and asked Kate to sign her book.  Kate said, “I’m not allowed to.”

The other front row winners and I left our books because the sponsor thought she could get Kate to sign them and would then mail them to us – so that is why my book is currently out of my possession.

The fan-club atmosphere was somewhat expected I guess, but still rather odd to be part of.  When I saw this handicapped child watching from a wheelchair with Multiple Blessings perched on his lap, I felt that this had all gone too far:

wheelchairWith that, Kate left the stage …

Kate Gosselin speaking event… and my brush with fame ended.

susanellenHere I am with my sister.  It was a fun afternoon!


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  1. I’ve not heard of this family. They look very sweet and talented. Looks like y’all had fun and that’s great! Thanks for sharing. :o) ♥ ∞

  2. Susan,
    Very interesting. I am not a fan of the show but I do recall watching it with my husband in the beginning. We saw the pregnancy, birth, and a few episodes afterwards. I remember not liking it because it reminded me of how insane my life was when our twins were infants – granted, a little easier since it was only two – but to me multiple births seem to resemble one another a bit more than singles. I remember thinking one episode when Kate woke up at 8 am to take care of the children – Must be nice! – I think it was really the episode that turned me off. She may have a lot more children than I do but I never got the luxuries she did as a mom with multiples and I really wasn’t open to watching it after that, lol!
    This was good to read. EW was a scream btw…lol! Out of control!! I’m glad you got to witness this.

  3. Great reporting – I felt like I was there! Kate looks much prettier in your pics than she does on TV…..

    I understand and agree with a lot of the grumbling that goes on about J & K’s freebies and stardom, but I reserve judgment because I figure there are so many details that we know nothing about (conditions, editing, etc.) and that it would be basically impossible for them to please everybody. Somebody out there would think they had it too easy or too hard or too something, no matter what they did.

    This was an excellent idea for TIMHT – opens up all kinds of possibilities!! 🙂

    Thanks for sharing!

  4. I loved the play by play. Very well told. I still watch the show from time to time; though I do have to say as the episodes progress, I get more turned off by the show. I used to see Kate as an everyday mom just trying to make it work and now I think the “everyday-ness” has been taken away. I’m not sure if it’s the fame or the money; but she doesn’t seem relatable or even likeable to me anymore.

    I so have to say; her kids are very well behaved. I’m continuously surprised at how well they listen.

  5. My daughter and I started watching this show back during our trip to Asheville last summer. We really enjoyed seeing the episodes and came home looking to watch some more. (My mother taped them as we do not have cable) I also have read her book (borrowed from the library) and enjoyed reading through it, even though I already knew the basis of the story. I liked how many other aspects of their story she went into in the book and how she points the blessings to God. It was a quick read and there seemed to be a lot of humility learned in the process of what they went through.

    I really have a hard time criticizing her or her husband (and have read many of the complaints folks have) since I have not walked in their shoes. I trust that their faith in God is real and that they are really trying to do the best they can with what they have (and are given as opportunities). I take it for what it’s worth, it’s a story of one family and their journey through some very unusual circumstances and how God has seen them through.

    Thanks for sharing about your day getting to see her for real…I enjoyed reading about it 🙂

  6. Well, this was very interesting. I’ve only watched the show twice. I didn’t like the way she talked down to her husband…the smarty tone and eye rolling…so disrespectful…all the time. So, that was a turn off for me.

    If that had been Sarah Palin there…she would have gone over and given that little guy in the wheel chair a hug and his parents her undivided attention. 🙂

    Glad it was a fun day to be with your sister anyway!

  7. Thank you for the interesting recap. From the sound of it, the talks are more interesting if Jon is involved. At least there is conversation about the kids and the show.

    Your post demonstrates that the scope of the speaking engagements have narrowed even more in scope than just a year ago when I saw Jon and Kate in Detroit. At least questions were permitted then.

    Perople seem to be satisfied with the “crumbs” that they are given by Kate and her oft-rehashed tales of the “old days”. As the song says: “A man hears what he wants to hear and disregards the rest.”

    Thanks again for the informative post !

  8. Great post. I saw her at a Methodist church in a small town in South Carolina a year ago. It was a very warm kinda feel watching her and Jon. It sounds like it is now a bit more “starry”… The gray-haired guy with the cell phone…

  9. I do not feel one bit sorry for Jon & Kate. She wants to say “Oh poor them noone wants to hire Jon because of the health insurance”. Well don’t you think you should have thought about this before getting pregnant again?

  10. I am sorry to tell you. i have met her many times she was super nice and willing to do anything. im sure she was in a bad mode because she has 8 kids at home she would rather be seding time with…

  11. I’m sure you’ve met her plenty of times, Emily. LOL

    If she wanted to spend time with her kids, she could. It’s obvious, by her schedule and her many recent publicity stunts, she does not spend quality time with her children. Fame has gone to Kate Gosselin’s head. Maybe that explains the hurricane that hit her in the back of the hairdo.

  12. Thank you for the synopsis. She was in Houston, recently. It was amazing the number of women who turned out to hear her and she had nothing to say. She seemed bored at the event here, as well.
    I watched “her” show for the last time on Monday night. (It’s apparently all about “Kate”). She was so disrespectful to the viewers, from propping her feet up in the camera to her nodding off during the interview. She is not professional, she is not even pretending to care any more what people think of her. I was even more disgusted that she would appear on Dr. Phil and cast stones at the Octuplet’s mom. Does Kate not remember the state assistance she and Jon received when she was pregnant with the sextuplets? It wasn’t Pennsyalvania’s responsibility to take care of her family the, but they sure begged and received that assistance! She spoke of the hardships “she” encountered. I remember their first special. This is a mother who did not even rise from her bed until 8 a.m., after Jon prepared her coffee and delivered it to her per her written instructions. There is no telling how long those babies waited on their mother to come upstairs and take care of them. I know from experience that my babies were awake long before 8 a.m. at that age. Furthermore, she had so much help the first year! She didn’t need the nurse that she begged the state to pay for another year, (for 30 hours a week), but she didn’t need. She just needed to get up and be a mom! The judge even told her that mom and dad just needed a babysitter, not a nurse.

    It’s obvious that Kate Gosselin does not care about the public who has admired her family and given her the luxuries she enjoys.
    I’m ashamed that I even contributed one red cent to her spa visits. In the last episode, the children were still searching for clothing through boxes! Kate was off in L.A. for the Dr. Phil show, giving her 2 cents on the new mother of 8 babies. She should have been at home taking care of her own children that she brought into this world knowing that she and Jon could not afford them. Jon claimed that he was fired, but in the book that Beth Carson wrote, and Jon and Kate Gosselin lived, Kate said that Jon was fired for stealing company time. He remained unemployed with 8 kids for the better part of a year until Kate begged a politician to give him a job. Jon then gave up that job to be a stay at home dad. So, if Jon’s playing ‘mommy,’ what credentials does Kate possess to give advice to another unemployed mother of multiples? She is just concerned that Nadya Suleman will be more interesting to the media. What a narcissistic woman! Did she offer any assistance to Nadya? Did she offer any clothing or supplies to this mother? Of course not! Maybe Nadya can be so lucky as to attend another annual yard sale and purchase the donated Gymboree and Gap clothing for her children.

    Goodbye, Mrs. Gosselin! Please go home and be a mother to your own eight children. They didn’t ask to be here and they didn’t ask to have their private lives filmed to finance your luxurious lifestyle.

    I think you and your husband (who seems to have no spine at all) should be ashamed of yourselves. If I were your family, I wouldn’t want any association with you either, out of pure embarrassment.

    Heck, I’m embarrassed for you. You’re really just an average woman. o teeth veneers or spray on tan can change that. I would bet money that the weight loss can be contributed to some medication you are on.

  13. Lauren-Great Comment! I cannot even think of anything to add to to; you took the words right out of my mouth. I, too, was disgusted when I saw her flung out on the sofa last week, looking as bored as can be, mocking Jon. At one point, he said something and she sticks her tongue out and says “blah, blah, blah”. It was so embarrassing! All I can say is I hope their 15 minutes comes to an end real quick here!

  14. Jon and Kate are really starting to annoy me. I used to at least like Jon but he has become just as materialist. I feel sorry for those kids, they are beginning to think they are owed all the free things they keep receiving. Jon and Kate should try actually going out and working for the life style they have and maybe they wouldn’t be so quick to drag their kids all over the country.

  15. I noticed in the pictures above that Kate did not smile, not once. In fact, she looks quite bored in the pictures! She looks quite bored with her children and more than annoyed when she’s with her husband.

    I’ve watched this family from the beginning, and I recall how enjoyable she was to watch then and how humble she seemed when she showed us the “jowls of a bulldog” post-pregnancy belly. She seemed so REAL!

    Now, she just seems FAKE and really stuck on herself! Perhaps I am wrong, but I do not feel that Kate has any interest in anything anymore except for increasing her fame. This is no longer about doing something to help satisfy the curiosity of others who would like to know what it is like to have such a large family. She doesn’t even seem to notice her children anymore! And Mady needs some special attention because that child has behavioral problems. I am no child psychologist, but I can recognize a cry for help!

    And now this new mansion they live in – I am not jealous by any means, though I do think that her “deserving” attitude was quite a put off for me. And then all of the plugs for her Whirlpool washer and dryers. Spending four hours cleaning the “disgusting” fridge while the kids were left to fend for themselves in the restroom, and all that complaining only to get a brand new fridge in the next episode! And then refusing to let the children step foot into their bedroom ever again, or suffer severe punishment, well that was just too much! Really, they are like a mile away from their parents and that can be quite scary to a small child in a new environment.

    And then the contractor that was there spent more time cleaning paint off of the children (and just spending time with the children, in general) than Kate did. And then she screamed at whoever it was delivering the new appliances because they had their “yucky” shoes on in HER house! I’m so over JK+8.

    How nice it must be to be able to go into any store and “buy” whatever it is your heart desires. Just load the buggy up! They did this when they had a camp out in the backyard, remember? That’s a lot of expensive equipment for a simple backyard adventure. But, who am I to judge? It’s just this “gimme, gimme” attitude that does not set a good example for the children. Wonder why Mady acts so spoiled?

    Okay, rant done. Thanks for listening!

  16. One more thing I need to add, because I keep forgetting to ask this question! Whatever happened to Jenny, the young babysitter they hired?

    Of course, everyone has disappeared off fo the show, but it kind of made me wonder.

    And I’m getting the Bill Clinton/Hillary Clinton vibe off of these two, like there’s more to her pure distaste than meets the eye. Anyone else think so?

  17. I love watching the Gosselins. I think Jon is an amazing father and husband. Kate doesn’t deserve him. For the most part, I think they have been doing an amazing job. However, I don’t believe they realize how serious Mady’s behavior is. If they don’t stop her temper tantrums every time she doesn’t get her way and her sassy mouth, they are in for big trouble later. It needs to be stopped NOW. They just ignore it. Whooooo—trouble is waiting for them!

  18. I forgot to add thank you so much for sharing this with the fans. It was so great to hear you won those seats and had a great time with your family. These are the wonderful stories out there that get lost in the muddy world of blog land. I hope you continue to stay true to what you enjoy, and don’t let others try to sway you. To see such disrespectful comments on your blog only furthers my belief that you enjoy what you want and ignore everything else!

    Jon & Kate do an amazing job raising their children while trying to stay strong among the horrible negativity out there.

  19. Babymama?

    Did you even read what the woman wrote above?

    It wasn’t a POSITIVE story.

  20. I personally think it’s ridiculous to criticize and ridicule these people none of you know. There ARE different channels. Put your remote to use, and stop being so rude.

  21. Thanks so much for your review. The show and Kate Gosselin have evolved into something that is unpleasant and I hope the show is cancelled after Season 5.

  22. Who knew so many sheeple could crowd into one room? I liked the article. EW is like most sheeple, either a young teenager or a bored housewife/grandmother. J&K are getting to be old news and their fan base has really dwindled. I liked this woman for about 10 minutes in the first shows that were on. They have both exploited these kids and will pay the price for it. I love the children and feel very sorry for them. Now John is making himself look even more foolish with his late night bar tricks. In my heart, I can’t blame him.

  23. Thanks for a fun and well-written entry! I used to be obsessed with the show (which I don’t watch anymore) but now just catch “news” here and there about what is REALLY going on with that family. I wish them nothing but the best but some of it has gotten out of hand. I feel bad for Beth and Aunt Jodi and whoever else has been mistreated on the show.

  24. That crazy b*tch is getting exactly what she deserves, with Jon cheating and all the truth that is being spilled about them now. How dare she say she has it hard! She has a personal trainer, personal chef, body guard, and several nannies helping out. I use to watch the show when i was pregnant and my husband was deployed to Iraq. He came home for 2 weeks when our son was born and had to go right back overseas to finish up his 15 month tour. Kate doesnt know what hard is…Try living somewhere with no family, no friends, and no help. Just me and my kids, and praying night and day for my husband’s safe return, while he is away protecting freedom for b*tches like her. She chose not to have her family or friends around anymore, i would love if my family was close by to help me out. What a selfish woman.

  25. All you overweight, retarded housewives who worship Kate are all being DUPED. She is an attention whore who cares more about making money off her kids than being a mother. She is on the road now promoting some stupid book that TLC hired a nanny to take care of her kids for her.

  26. Kate you are a complete …something I can’t say; but honestly you need to loosen up and stop trying to be a celebrity! You’re also looking a little anorexic…Your kids are adorable and they deserve better..and Jon I think you’re great and I give you props for dealing with Kate this whole time.

  27. There is a weekend long marathon of Jon and Kate Plus 8.

    It look like they had the bodyguard for a while.
    If you seen the Plane Ride to Utah on Season 3.
    She broke down crying. The bodyguard Steve Neild was sitting right behind Kate on the airplane.

    The episode was aired on February 25, 2008

  28. Please end my pain….End this show and stop exploiting these children too young to speak for themselves. Shame on all of the adults involved.

  29. Steve was hired cause of fans stalking her and showing up at their house.

    Steve was hired due to the owner of the Jon and Kate Family Fan Site aka babymama

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