Recipe Organization: Organizing Clipped Recipes

Although I have many cookbooks, I find that the recipes I tend to make most often are those that I have clipped out of magazines and the newspaper.

These found a home in a kitchen cabinet, and many days I would spend precious minutes flipping through them, in search of one which was inevitably at the bottom of the stack.

During these searches, I would always think that I needed a method of recipe organization.  I think the thing holding me back was the thought of typing them up or writing them out.

I found a method that works for me!

I took a recipe binder that I got as a wedding gift, in 1996.  I noted that I had written ONE recipe in it.  I decided that although it would be lovely to have hundreds of recipes neatly written or typed into the book, my real goal was just quick and easy access to recipes I liked.

So … I simply used a tape runner to attach the recipes into the book.  Nothing fancy – some pages have the recipes horizontal, some vertical – some have one recipe, some have two or three.

I did sort the recipes – main dishes together, vegetables in another section, desserts another – but that’s about it.

recipe organizationI am very happy with the results.  My recipes are now easy to find, and the messy stack in the cabinet is gone!


11 thoughts on “Recipe Organization: Organizing Clipped Recipes

  1. All my life I have been a clipper. I’m always finding things to clip & share with somebody. I do lots of recipe clipping and I am forever trying new recipes. I am fearless with trying out new recipes for guests.
    I keep many clipped recipes in recycled folders or recycled large envelopes. I have them labeled: Meats, Desserts, Vegetables/Salads, Soups, Breads, Snacks, Etc. Probably my envelope that is most full is labeled “Try Me”. That one is a mix of everything that I have yet to make. Then if a recipe from the Try Me bag pans out, it gets funneled into one of the earlier envelopes. This way, usually I can find recipes pretty quickly. All these bags are kept in my recipe drawer. When I do my annual kitchen house cleaning, I resort the entire drawer.

  2. Great idea! I tried – for a while – to type out the recipes from magazines so I could more neatly put them in my recipe binder. That didn’t last long! This is a great way to neatly add clipped recipes. I might try it!

  3. I do this too! It’s a splendid idea and very timely. I have a loose leaf notebook in the kitchen where I place all my handwritten or clipped recipes. I have some given to me by my step-mom (who was a FANTASTIC cook!) that I find especially precious. God bless. ♥ ∞

  4. This is a great idea. I have so many pieces and such like this that have no home. Compound that with recipes I find on the Internet and quickly I am overrun LOL

  5. Oooh I’m with you on this one… my current problem is having too many recipes waiting to be tried, but I can probably use the same idea…. Thanks!

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