Doll Beauty Pageant

Today I present to you … a Doll Beauty Pageant!  Yesterday was a snow day (7″ here) and school was closed, which the girls love.  Thankfully my girls play together really well, and I love seeing the creative things they come up with.

They decided to put on a doll beauty pageant.  I heard them doing evening wear and “beauty”, where the judges are looking for confidence, smile, and beauty.  The girls made up score cards and graded each others’ dolls.  Here they are just before the final results:

doll beauty pageant American Girl dolls

Edit to answer the question you’re all dying to know – SAMANTHA was the winner (near the center, dark hair, navy colonial dress).

I am thinking they were inspired by Toddlers and Tiaras, a show on TLC which we watched last night.  I was disturbed and yet strangely fascinated by it, as were the kids.  Maybe I’ll do a post on it later, because it’s going to be a series.

Also, I think they were inspired by the recent Miss America pageant, which was won by Katie Stam, who happens to live in the town where I grew up (no, I don’t know her, but I know of her family and my mom knows them somewhat).

7 thoughts on “Doll Beauty Pageant

  1. Your girls are so creative! And energetic 🙂

    Hey, like Amy, I’m dying to know, who won??

    (anything goes on TIMHT; I believe this is our first ‘event’ feature – I like it!)

  2. How fun!!!!!! What beautiful girls you have!!! I love they were judging on confidence. Something tells me they each have plenty of that fostered by their fab mom!!

  3. First Miss America comes from my town and NOW Samantha wins a Beauty Pageant in the same week! Exciting stuff!

  4. Susan, you have me doing some soul searching now. I hadn’t realized I was such an old meanie!
    But, oh! there’s hope for me. Count the students in the picture — 28. On a given day there could have been 3 to 5 absent — yes, even on picture day. Now count the adults. What? No helper, tutor, or teachers’ aide? In those days our kdg. classes regularly averaged well over 30. I think the recommended ratio at the time was something like 12 or 15 students to 1 adult. After 27 years, by my retirement time, we did have aides, tutors, and smaller classes.
    I’m not taking you to task. I’m just having a little fun and enjoying reading your memories.
    I loved teaching all those many kindergarten children, and I’m happy to be remembered by so many as their “first schoolteacher.”

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