A Message from the Child You Were

I found this idea recently in an article I had clipped from Parade magazine in 1998, when my oldest daughter was not even a year old: A Message from the Child You Were.

Have your child (the author recommends 9 as a good age) write a letter to him/herself which she will open when she graduates from high school.  She could include things like hobbies, favorite foods and TV shows, good friends, hopes for the future, etc.

If your child hand-writes the letter (and perhaps even draws a picture), it will be even more special.  Seal the letter in an envelope and store it somewhere where you’ll be able to locate it when your child is 18 (I know – that could be a challenge!).

My third and fifth grade daughters have done this already, and I plan for my second grader to try it in the next year or so.

The author of the article was a teacher who had her students do this each year, and then she would mail the letters to the kids when they reached graduation age.  She reported that they just loved reading the letters from “the children they once were”!



6 thoughts on “A Message from the Child You Were

  1. I want to think Sandy Mellencamp had her sixth grade class do this one year, at least. I think it is a great idea. Sounds like something we would have done. . .

  2. My friend and I wrote each other letters when we were in 8th grade, not to be opened until 1999 by which time we would be “old and gray,” we thought. Unfortunately, mostly what my friend wrote was how she wouldn’t be my friend any more if I opened the letter early! Oh, well. Good idea anyway. And we are still friends! I don’t know if she was able to find the one I’d written her. I’d be interested to see it.

  3. Susan, this is just a precious idea! I might try this with my godchild. Thanks!


    Sheila 🙂

  4. That is a splendid idea! I am saving such items (not letters, but drawings, etc.) for when my little niece and nephew become 18. I will ask their mother to have them write a letter ‘for later’. That’s so sweet. Thanks for the idea.
    God bless! ♥ ∞

  5. I love this idea – why in the world didn’t you blog and tell me about it ten years ago??!!! 🙂

    My son will turn 18 in about three weeks; I wish I had thought to do something like this. Great idea.

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