American Girl Apron


Last fall when the latest American Girl catalog arrived, I found this American Girl apron for Kit. I loved it!

American Girl apronI didn’t love the $34 price.

American Girl apron

So, I made my own! It’s an apron — or three — to fit an American Girl doll (or any 18″ doll). See Kit, Samantha, and Kirsten modeling them so sweetly?

I just looked at the apron in the catalog and came up with my own pattern. The fun part was choosing fabrics for it — just a bit of each, and seam tape as trim. Have you had success sewing for American Girl dolls?

64 thoughts on “American Girl Apron

  1. Looks adorable to me. Add my name to the pot. Stir it well and draw mine out!

  2. My daughter has an American Girl doll– it was a gift. Her clothes have all been gifts too because e-ghad!

    Thank you so much! My daughter would love this!

    Swing on by for my bloggy giveaway. I’m giving away a bow organizing board!

  3. Love it!! We love American Girl Dolls!! I wish I could sew!
    Heather S.

  4. I would abolutely love to enter your contest! One of my sweet little friends has an American Girl doll, and it would fit perfectly! So please enter me in your contest. Thanks so much for your sweet offer…


    Sheila 🙂

  5. We just got my daughter her first American Doll for Christmas and she loves it- Julie is now her best friend! This would be so great to add to her wardrobe!

  6. We would love to win this, my daughter got the baking goodies for Christmas so the would complete her set. Thanks for the giveaway. dianasrk gmail com

  7. My nieces each have one of these dolls and they try to make clothes for them because the clothes are so expensive. They’d love this apron! You could go in to business…

  8. How cute, they have mommy and daughter aprons, and now aprons for the dolls too. All the ladies of the house, real or not, can be looking so fine.

  9. My neice has a few of these dolls and I know that she would love an apron!

  10. My daughter would love this. I was lucky -blessed- enough to find her two American Girl Dolls at the Thrift Store! (total of $4) She loves them and is always begging for more clothes.

  11. WOW how cute. My girls would love the dress their doll up in that.

  12. My niece has one. I’m excited that she’s going to be old enough later this year to finally watch the movies and see her dolly come to life on t.v.!

  13. Great apron! I’ll have to make some also (I have 6 girls, and a total of 9 18″ dolls in the house)! lol
    Thanks for the giveaway.

  14. My granddaughter would be delighted to have an apron for her doll.

  15. My niece Mallory would love one of these Aprons for her new American Girl Doll. It is wonderful that you made them. Beautiful job.
    Thanks for sharing

  16. Cute apron – my DGD is almost old enough for an American Girl doll.

  17. Oh…this would be so wonderful!!! My daughter got a baking set for Christmas and a couple of aprons – she would LOVE an apron for her American Girl Just Like Me doll! Looks like you do beautiful sewing. Thank you for the chance to win!

  18. I would love to be able to give this to a niece. I always loved Addy when I was a bit younger.

  19. So cute! I would love to win this for my daughter who has a favorite stuffed dog that size and would have fun dressing it up. Thanks!

  20. Oh this would make a terrific gift for one of my girls who is in LOVE with all things American Girl Doll. Samantha or Felicity would look so cute wearing this!

  21. This would be a perfect gift for my niece who has more than one American Girl Doll. Thanks for the giveaway!

    owatz (AT) telus (DOT) net

  22. How cute!! We have the Target brand American girl-like dolls. They would fit perfect!

  23. My daughter got an American girl for christmas. She has no extra clothes for her yet. She’d love the little apron.


  24. My daughter has a couple of American Girl dolls and I’d love to win this for her. Thanks.


  25. My daughter would love this for her Mia doll! How cute!

    (Though if she found out you made it, she would then hound me to get out the sewing machine for itty bitty doll clothes!)

  26. My daughter loves these dolls and really adores the books. This would be sucha special gift for her.

  27. Thank you for the giveaway! These look so cute, I bet they would be in real life too 😉 Heather needs one too – that is why I am entering!!

    Thanks again,

  28. This would be great for my little girl’s doll.

    Thanks for the opportunity,

  29. My niece is absolutely addicted to American Girl dolls. She would *love* this.

  30. How adorable! Our Julia has Samantha and Kirsten and she takes them everywhere. For the past couple of years her Christmases and birthdays have been all about clothes and accessories for her dolls. We spent her last birthday having lunch and a shopping adventure at American Girl Place in LA. She would flip if I won that adorable apron for her! Thank you so much for the giveaway.

  31. OOOH! I know a little girl who would love this!
    Thanks !

    krista1127 at hotmail dot com

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