Childhood Memories Friday: I get a bunny!

childhood-memories-friday-winter1Welcome to Childhood Memories Friday!  Each Friday, I plan to write down a memory or two from my childhood, both because I would enjoy doing it AND my kids love to hear stories from “when you were my age”.

Today’s story is at my daughter Caroline’s request, and I can’t turn her down because she was kind (and computer-savvy) enough to make the neat CMF banner here.

I get a bunny!

When I was little, my sister and I were encouraged to eat vegetables at dinner.  We grew a lot of these in our large garden.  I’m sure I liked a lot of them, but my memories are more of the ones I didn’t like – specifically, lettuce and tomatoes.

One night, my dad came home and said that anyone who ate their lettuce at dinner would get a surprise.  My desire for a treat overcame my dislike of the lettuce, and I choked down every bite.

After dinner, Dad said we could all go outside for the surprise, and since I had been the only one to eat the lettuce, it would be mine.

We went into the backyard and I saw that my surprise was a bunny.  A REAL bunny! I was so excited, because bunnies had always been my favorite animal (side story:  when I was maybe in kindergarten, I brought a school paper home with one problem incorrect.  We were supposed to listen to the teacher and put an X through a certain picture.  For the one I missed, I was supposed to put the X through a bunny, and I just couldn’t bear to do that – so I missed the problem rather than desecrate the rabbit!)

At this point, I can’t remember which bunny it was that I got that night (we had several during my childhood), but I’m thinking it was Thumper (other options – Emily Pink, Chanel or Tar Baby).  Dad explained that he thought eating lettuce would be a good way to decide who got the rabbit, since rabbits like lettuce.  My sister complained that this wasn’t fair. I’m sure she wasn’t expecting such a great treat!

So, you should always eat your vegetables – because you just never know!


Everybody needs his memories.  They keep the wolf of insignificance from the door.          ~Saul Bellow

18 thoughts on “Childhood Memories Friday: I get a bunny!

  1. You were so lucky! My parents were not quite as amazing but it is refreshing to me to know yours were. Thank you for sharing this!

  2. We were never allowed to have pets growing up and I was so sad! I just loved them. I suppose that’s why we’ve had birds, fish, cats, and now a bunny! He’s the best pet…roams the house like a human, uses a litter box, etc.

    I love the story of the school paper and not wanting to cross out the bunny. What a tender hearted little thing you were! 🙂

  3. What a great idea for a blog carnival. I will have to give my story some thought. Many memories from my childhood spring to mind this morning, but nothing as sweet as the story you told. Hmmm, time to ponder…

    Funny that you named one of your pets, Chanel. Was it after the fragerance line? 🙂


  4. Oops! I think you probably know that I meant to say, F-R-A-G-R-A-N-C-E, but I thought I should probably correct my egregious spelling error!

  5. Great story, and great idea to share our memories.

    We never were allowed a cat or dog due to my brother’s allergies. He now is married with 3 kids of his own and has a CAT AND A DOG!!!!

  6. That is a great story! I had one bunny. He was fluffy! One night he disappeared and I still don’t know what REALLY happened to him.

    I joined in although the linky thingy isn’t showing me yet.

  7. I forgot to say earlier that Caroline needs to teach those of us a little older (and not quite so savvy on the computer) how she does those cool things too!

  8. I like the idea that you had a large garden that you ate from as much as the fun and surprise of the bunny!

    I posted and joined, like Candace, but linky doesn’t show us. Might need to ask Caroline what’s going on : )

  9. Once again I learned something about you, Susan. I remember Thumper, and I believe that was your first bunny. I’d love to tell a story about your showing Thumper to me, but I’d better do that on email rather than here. You might clobber me for doing it here.

    My childhood memories about animals is that the house rule was that they absolutely HAD to stay outside, although my Grandma Schulte had a canary in her part of the house. (I assume you remember hearing that we lived with our grandparents until I was about ten.) Anyway, that rule so warped my personality that I’ve wanted house dogs ever since. Well, maybe it’s not because we weren’t allowed to have animals inside. But I certainly would have a dog in the house constantly if I could. You probably have memories of Samson, my tiny toy black poodle.

  10. Oh my gosh, I loved reading this memory. I, too, have always loved bunnies and I TOTALLY relate to not wanting to X one out, even at the risk of getting a problem wrong! LOL!

    I never had a bunny as a child, but as an adult we were blessed to have a bunny named Jack for five years…he was the sweetest thing and I cried as much as my daughter (whose pet he was) when he passed on.

    Thanks for de-lurking over at my place!


  11. So you found my Nugget pictures! Yes, he roams the house. We started with a large cage but he just fought us when we tried to put him in a night. We’ve been keeping the cage open and just using it as a housing for his water bottle, food and litter box. Just this week he started drinking from a bowl, so we moved the cage out of the house and he just has his stuff on a little rug in the corner of the family room. We had a little problem with him chewing through some electrical cords but have learned how to conceal them. He’s great fun as he teases and hops around our feet. He even races us down the halls.

    We thought he was a mini lop when we got him at 3 months old, but he quickly tripled in size! I found an identical one to him on the internet…a giant lop…oh my! There isn’t a maximum size! We keep joking that he could be like a small kangaroo before he’s done growing! 🙂

  12. I so wanted a bunny when I was young! my step-dad always said I could have one as long as he could eat it when it got fat enough! I was never sure if he was joking, so I never got one. We had one for a while when we were first married – one time I sat in a lawn chair with a cushion – and fell right through, as bunny had eaten all the webbing underneath the cushion! Great story.

  13. My favorite childhood memory was visiting my Grandmother and sleeping in the screened in porch with all the new kittens….it was the softest bed ever…..however, I woke up with a rash as I was allergic to the dander….never got over wanting cats, and never got over my allergies…so we have had birds, rabbits, mice and now dogs…and I love them.

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