Christmas at Greenfield Village

Greenfield Village Christmas doorOne of my treats this Christmas was a visit to see the houses of historic Greenfield Village decorated for the holidays.  We stopped there on our way back home after visiting relatives for Christmas at Greenfield Village.

I love historic sites like this, and when we bought a family membership after visiting last summer (because that was cheaper than buying 2-day tickets), I began hoping it might work to visit in another season.

Greenfield Village Wright Brothers houseOur first stop was the home of Orville and Wilbur Wright, moved here from Dayton, Ohio.  I was especially interested to see this again, because last summer’s visit inspired me to read The Bishop’s Boys, a book about the Wrights.  Their father was the bishop of the United Brethren in Christ Church (the denomination we attend).  Although there were 5 Wright siblings, the youngest three (Orville, Wilbur, and Katharine) shared a special bond.  They agreed as young adults not to get married, but to live together and just be there for each other.  Unfortunately, Wilbur died early (in his 40s), and when Katharine did marry in her 50s, Orville was so upset that he stopped talking with her.

The book detailed their relationship in a very interesting way.  Here is their living room decorated for Christmas:

Greenfield Village Wright Brothers house ChristmasThe village has an actual photograph of how the room was decorated during the Wrights’ day, and has reproduced it exactly.  Very neat!

We also saw Noah Webster’s house:

Greenfield Village Noah Webster house One room inside had a unique, totally hand-sewn carpeting:

Greenfield Village Noah Webster house penny rug carpetLOVED this – and can’t imagine how often it must have needed repairing after having shoe heels and the like caught on the little circles.  A curator told us a name for this type of carpet, but I’ve forgotten it.  Do any of you know?

Of course, no visit is complete without a stop at the milliner’s …

Greenfield Village millinery milliner Several of the houses featured women cooking, and I have a whole new appreciation for them after our days without electricity.  During those days, I actually wished for a fire, both for cooking and for warmth.

Greenfield Village horseHorses Noah and Webster, ready to take you for a ride. There you are: Christmas at Greenfield Village.

“Christmas isn’t a season.  It’s a feeling.”

– Edna Ferber

6 thoughts on “Christmas at Greenfield Village

  1. I live near Dayton, Ohio and the Wright Brothers are extremely popular here! I’d never heard the story of the three making a pack not to get married, though. Poor Orville…didn’t work out too well for him!

    Love the wallpapered ceiling in that house! The historical homes are so interesting to go through….I enjoy them…and it’s really great when they have recreated from photos so you get the feeling that they are still there.

    Beautiful carriage! How festive!

  2. I enjoyed very much your blog of Christmas at Greenfield Village. It truly brings us back to am era long gone, doesn’t it? And your pictures are wonderful! You are smart to have a membership. If you have the opportunity, might I suggest you attend the Civil War Remembrance on Memorial Day Weekend. I am also a reenactor and I do a post master impression.

    Besides my Greenfield Village blog, I also have another blog in which I wrote about the Village’s Holiday Nights event – you might enjoy attending that next year.
    After I get all of the structures of the Village on my Greenfield Village blog (shouldn’t be too long now!), I will be writing about the different events (including the Civil War event) held there.

  3. I absolutely love going through home / house tours – – old or new; but old is much more interestingly, of course.

    Cute picture of the girls!

  4. I am sure they are called penny rugs. I have toyed with the idea of making a small one to place on a table, etc. They are made of wool. I’ve noticed them for years and found them kinda neat.

  5. Even though I’ve never visited and 66 I doubt I ever will have the opportunity, but through the amazing internet I am able to view a different place everyday. It is wonderful from the warmth of my home on a cold winters day just prior to Christmas. It brings me joy as a widow with very little family left. So thank you for posting these wonderful and interested thought provoking photos of yester-year.

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