Good Old Santa

I thought it would be appropriate today to feature my vintage Santa as something in my house.

I got Santa LONG ago – maybe when I was about 2?  He wasn’t vintage at the time. He has been well-loved.

1960s SantaHe used to have a belt with a nifty little peplum hanging down, but somewhere along the line he got a bit too damp in the basement and that was ruined (he still sports mildew stains on the back of his boots).

Anyway, good old Santa is a charming memory of childhood and he still brings his mischievous smile to our house every December.

Merry Christmas!

4 thoughts on “Good Old Santa

  1. This is such a cool Santa; he reminds me of a very old one that my aunt used to have – only he was pink because she was a successful Mary Kay rep!!

    Merry Christmas; thanks for joining TIMHT!

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