We interrupt this blog …

… for an ice storm.  Here in northeast Indiana, we were hit hard Thursday night.  The kids had just celebrated school’s cancellation (well, kind of, since the Christmas Winter Holiday Party at school was Friday also), when the power went off.  The first day wasn’t too bad, but as this went on and on, it got worse and worse.  The low point was probably Monday morning, when the house reached 47 degrees.  Even wearing layers and a winter coat, that’s cold to operate in.  I had boxed up all the frozen food and put it on the back patio.  Pets had been moved to the basement where there is a more constant (and slightly warmer) temp, although one of us still had to hold the hedgehog most of the day to prevent her going into hibernation (which is fatal to hedgies).

Thankfully, Monday around noon my husband borrowed a generator from work and we now have heat and selected other things (like now, the internet –  yay!).  Christmas travel plans are off and there are no lights or music, but I guess that’s how it was at the REAL first Christmas.

Thank you for visiting, and hopefully I’ll be back on a schedule soon.  The power company’s promise of everyone’s power back by Wednesday has now become Thursday.

Merry Christmas!  Enjoy your heat and lights!

2 thoughts on “We interrupt this blog …

  1. Being snowed in sounds fun! We have only been snowed in once…in our motorhome in New Mexico. We were prepared, so it was fun! Do you have any hedgehog photos on your blog? I would love to see one. My son has always wanted one! We have tons of animals, but not a hedgehog!

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