Organizing Kids’ Ornaments

Today’s tips involve tracking and organizing kids’ ornaments for Christmas.  I have three children, and I would like each of them to know the origins of all their ornaments and when they got them.

organizing kids' ornaments Christmas

First, I made a word document for each child that lists the year, the ornament, and where it came from:


ceramic snowman (Aunt Helen)

macaroni star (made herself)


glass Mickey Mouse (Mom/Dad in honor of Disney trip)

You get the idea.  This is not only great for them to take when they leave home, but it solves some dilemmas now when we’re putting up the tree and the kids begin arguing over who an ornament belongs to.  Why, we’ll just look in the database …  It also helps refresh memories which can become more vague in the company of hundreds of ornaments.

A final note is to save your ornament list each year to a CD – I speak from experience, as a few years ago our hard drive crashed and I thought I had lost all the ornament lists.  Thankfully they were finally retrieved, but not without a lot of headaches.

Merry Christmas to all! What is your method for organizing kids’ ornaments?

8 thoughts on “Organizing Kids’ Ornaments

  1. What a great idea! This is our baby’s second Christmas, and we have already started to lose track of last year’s ornaments. I’m going to write this all down today. Thanks!

  2. You are so organized!

    I just write their name and the year somewhere on the back or bottom of the ornament. Lazy, I guess.

  3. My Mom always numbered each ornament and kept them on a master list. There were 7 kids in my family, so everyone having their own list would’ve been CRAZY.

    I like to use Microsoft Access for my stuff – I have a CD database to track our music and one for DVDs as well. With a 1-year-old, it looks like I need to start one for ornaments as well. Thanks for the reminder!

  4. My mom kept mine and my brother’s ornaments in large tins popcorn came in (you know the flavored kind that came three to a tin). Each year, we were responsible for putting our own ornaments on a off of the tree. This was also great when I married and moved out — I just had to take my tin with me instead of sorting through all of our ornaments to find mine!

  5. Great idea! – I’ve also thought about scrapbooking about the ornaments we get each year. Thought about it, meaning I haven’t actually done it yet!

  6. Great idea. I try to put pieces of tape on the back with their name, but you can see it sometimes. Not a nice look!

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