Welcome to the Girls in White Dresses stop on the Christmas House Tour!

Welcome!  Come in, come in to the Christmas house tour!  Let’s start at the kids’ first stop each morning – our Advent Calendar.  They love putting up the children of the world and guessing which country each comes from.

Children of the World Advent CalendarJoin me in the kitchen.  Since most of my time is spent there, that’s where most of the Christmas decor is.  Specifically, here’s the hutch:

Christmas hutchI love the snowman garland across the top shelf.  My aunt made it for me several years ago.

snowman garland craftAnd here are several Santas – I don’t want to say a “Santa collection”, because as a Christian I’m not really that “into” Santa.  But, I do love the Old World/European look Santas.  Behind them, a paper Santa and sleigh that Mom used to set out when I was a kid.

1960s paper SantaAnd on the bottom shelf, middle daughter’s Christmas village.  We are fortunate to have a grandma who buys each daughter a Christmas village.  They love them!

Christmas villageIt’s pretty at night, too …

Christmas village lighted

In another corner of the hutch is a container of our Christmas cards.

storing Christmas cardsOne of our favorite traditions happens after Christmas.  Each night at dinner, we pull out a card and pray for that person.  This usually gets us all through the dreary months of January and February!

baby sock snowmen

On top of the hutch, one of my favorite things I made this year:  snowmen from my girls’ baby socks.  Yes, my youngest is now 7, but being the packrat that I am, I still had some of their socks around.

German picture nutcracker

Here above the cabinets, one of my favorite things:  a picture with the German version of Joshua 24:15 in honor of our German heritage.  My mom gleaned this treasure for me, and believe it or not, she found it in someone’s trash (it’s probably better not to ask).

Well, you’re probably starving by now.  I know I am!  Oh good, my oldest daughter is busy making goodies for us.

making Christmas cookiesHave a sugar cookie!

Christmas cookiesAnd since one cookie is never enough, how about some peppermint bark (recipe here), German crescents, buckeyes, or some good old Hershey’s kisses?  Go ahead and wrap up a few to take home, too!

Christmas candy

Okay, let’s head into the foyer.  Here are the girls’ stockings.  I love them; I made each of them during the girls’ first years.

homemade Christmas stockings

And over on the table are the carolers.   They used to belong to my grandparents, and are another favorite of mine.

Christmas caroler figuresAnd on the chair, a little Santa I crocheted when I was a teenager … I remember he was a pain to make, but I’m glad I stuck with it.

crochet SantaAwww, my youngest daughter is playing some Christmas carols for us.  Thanks, kiddo – it’s just not Christmas without the music!

Christmas pianoNow into the living room, and … the tree!

Christmas treeIt’s not a fancy-schmancy tree, with white lights and matching ornaments, but I like it this way.  It is full of so many memories … like the ornaments my parents got me each year, from my first Christmas …

1960s angel glass ornament… and on to ornaments Mom made me when I was older.

bear ornamentSpecial ornaments like one my sister made in elementary school …

ceramic goose ornament… and a how-the-heck-did-he-fasten-those-nuts-together ornament that a former student made for me.

nut ski ornament

There are also many ornaments I made myself …

cross stitch nutcracker… and others that call up happy memories, like the years I spent playing piano for the ballet.

ballet ornamentI love to travel, and I used to venture all over the world.  There are ornaments that remind me of trips to Germany –

cuckoo clock ornament Germany– or England:

Henry VIII ornamentOf course, no Christmas tour could be complete with out a visit to the manger scene.  After all, without the nativity, there would be no Christmas.  So let’s make our way over.

Precious Moments nativity mangerWhen I was a teenager, I thought that having a Precious Moments Manger Scene would be the ultimate thrill.  And what do you know – one year my parents got me one!

Since the wise men didn’t visit until later, they’re in a separate spot, still traveling …

Precious Moments wise menWell, it’s getting late and the snow is really coming down.  It’s been so nice having you over!

Christmas gift Merry Christmas to youBefore you go, please sign the guest book (comments).  If you’re having guests over, let me know and I’d love to visit!

American Girl dolls ChristmasOh, look!  The girls’ dolls are waving goodbye to you.  From our Christmas home tour to yours, Merry Christmas! Have a wonderful New Year!


40 thoughts on “Welcome to the Girls in White Dresses stop on the Christmas House Tour!

  1. Oh how I love this time of year!!
    It’s all so beautiful! Love the village when it’s all lit up….
    Thanks for participating in the tour of homes…

    My ‘tour’ is now added, it’s called “Faces of Christmas”…part of my collection, all close-ups.

    And there is an announcement of my 1st ever Blog Giveaway too.

    Stop by sometime soon, won’t you?

    Happy Holidays.

  2. I loved your tour! The cross-stitch at the manger was especially beautiful… and I love how the wise men are seperated:). My Pastor and his family do that too!

  3. Thanks for the tour! Everything is so full of memories and tradition…that is all so fun for your children. Your cross stitch reminded me of one I have, but I don’t know where it is….lost in some unopened box from the move I suppose. Thanks again, and merry Christmas!

  4. thank you for visiting my tour – your collections are lovely!

    re: the whole Santa thing….my son goes to German bilingual school and every year they learn about St. Nicklaus. I think it is a terrific way to blend Santa in…..St. Nicklaus was a bishop in Germany and every year gave toys to the poor. By understanding where the Santa tradition started, we can stay much tru-er to the meaning of Christmas and the tradition of helping others.

    I bought a book this year and am going to make it a yearly tradition on Dec 5 to talk about, remember and honor the true tradition of this Christ-centered man.



  5. I love the baby sock snowmen! Thanks for sharing your beautiful decorations with us. Merry Christmas!

  6. I enjoyed my cyber visit to your home. How festive and special it is. I love the old decorations with real meaning behind them! Please drop by and visit me when you have the time! Merry CHristmas.

  7. Beautiful! Loved the goodies on the plates. They look lovely and I’m sure are delicious.

  8. Love the Christmas village! And are those Buckeyes I see on the food table? I’ll have one of those…or two! 🙂

  9. Since this is as close as I’ll get to your house this year, I’m glad you did a Christmas open house. Some of those things brought back memories for me too.

  10. Thank you for inviting me over. Your girls were very sweet and I loved all the charming decorations. I especially love the German verse from Joshua. I’m going to need to exercise for a straight week to work off all those German crescents I pocketed!!

  11. My what a host of memories I’ve just revisited! Merry Christmas – Mother

  12. Thank you for the very sweet tour. So many lovely Christmasy things decorating your home. Love the snowman garland. And that skiing nut ornament was absolutely too cute!

  13. Thanks for your sweet comments 🙂

    I so love the Christmas Around the World Advent Calendar! What a fun way to mark this special season–realizing that we worship together with brothers and sisters around the world!

  14. I’ve come to the conclusion that there is no way I’ll get through Boo Mama’s list of over 600 (600!!) participating in the tour. So, I’ve decided to concentrate on the 10 ahead of me and the 10 behind me and that means I get to see your blog! I’m so glad I did because I enjoyed each and every one of your photos. LOVED IT!!

  15. Wow! You’re halls and walls are surely decked! Don’t you love the color and festivity of it all?

    *Thank you* for visiting my place today and taking the time to comment. Merry Christmas to you!

  16. I have the Precious Moments nativity, too – except not all of the pieces. I have the basics – Mary, Jesus, Joseph, the wise men, and a shepherd – just missing a few.

    Your house looks beautiful!

    Thanks for visiting!

  17. Holy Cow your sock snowmen are SO adorable and might I say, MUCH better than mine!! Too, too cute. Makes me want to try again.

    And how cool is it that Grandma buys the Christmas villages. What a neat keepsake to have throughout their lives.

    Your house is loverly, and I thoroughly enjoyed the hospitable visit. Thank you for the treats!


  18. Merry Christmas.
    Your home is beautiful, I just love the sock snowmen (how cute!!) and your Christmas village is adorable.
    Thank you for visiting my blog and for your kind words. It is a bit strange that we have wintery decorations in summer, some people decorate with blues and silvers but I’m a traditional girl and Christmas wouldn’t be the same without red and gold.
    God Bless,
    Nanna K

  19. Merry Christmas.
    Your home is beautiful, I just love the sock snowmen (how cute!!) and your Christmas village is adorable.
    Thank you for visiting my blog and for your kind words. It is a bit strange that we have wintery decorations in summer, some people decorate with blues and silvers but I’m a traditional girl and Christmas wouldn’t be the same without red,green and gold.
    God Bless,
    Nanna K

  20. Oh, those cookies and treats look so yummy! I like your card tradition–what a wonderful idea to pray for a different person each night with your family. Thanks for joining my blog party and inviting us into your lovely home! I enjoyed my tour. -Julia 🙂

  21. I love your tradition of praying for each person who has sent you a card. How wonderful! You have done a lovely job decorating! Love the snowmen made from your children’s baby socks.

  22. I enjoyed your house tour…everything is lovely and festive…and so many memories with your personal treasures.
    Thanks for stopping by my place, and do come again soon,

  23. I love your German ornaments and items! My dad is German, and my parents have a lovely collection of wooden ornaments from Germany. Your nut ornament reminds me of the pinecone skiers I made this year. You can see them on my house tour if you’d like to stop by for a visit.

  24. What a great advent calendar & also a great way to throw in a geography lesson. My kids would love that. I love that you have all your ornaments from childhood and travels. I give our kids an ornament every year for the same hope that they will cherish and look back upon fond Christmas memories. Thanks for the holiday tour – it looks so festive.

  25. Lovely decorations! Enjoyed the special ornaments a lot. And LOVE the idea of praying through your Christmas cards and letters! I’m afraid we won’t get as many this year but we can pray for those we do receive.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. Isn’t this a fun party? I love the chance to meet so many great ladies 🙂

  26. I love the Advent calendar – do you know where it came from? I really am intentional about international things for my kids – thanks for the tour!

  27. I think I have seen some of your pictures ha ha on a recent blog I visited. Everything looks great and I love the snowman garland. Thanks for sharing!

  28. Hey – – – do you have two blogs with a tour on each??? I recognize the dolls enjoying the holidays with you – – – also your daughter icing the cookies!!!!

    Well – – – it was a great tour, and there were changes in this one from the other one I believe.

    Merry Christmas

  29. Okay – to everyone who’s wondering: my 11-year-old daughter has a blog too, and she did the tour also. We shared some photos, which can explain your sense of deja-vu. If you think you saw some of these photos a few tours back – you’re right!

  30. Thanks for opening your home. Best wishes to you and your family during this Christmas season.

  31. Can you give me any background on the German. Joshua scripture? We have one just like it and this is the first image I have found of another one. What do you think is the age of this?

  32. I love the set of carolers that came from Grandma and Grandpa’s house. They bring back so many memories.

    I had to read this twice. I got hung up on the fact that your youngest daughter is seven. Then I realized it was a rerun.

  33. What a delightful tour, packed with SOOOO many good memories! The food looked so delicious, I loved the decorations and the beautiful dolls waving goodbye was the perfect way to end our visit. Now come visit me soon!

  34. Loved the visit….so warm & yummy. ..can almost smell & taste those cookies& candies!
    Merry Christmas and thanks for sharing!

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