Multiple Blessings by Jon and Kate Plus Eight: A Review, part 2

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Multiple Bles8ings: Surviving to Thriving with Twins and Sextuplets

Kate does say throughout the book that she knows she is blessed with the healthy babies, all kinds of freebies, dozens of volunteer helpers, etc.  However, a statement like this is inevitably followed a page or so later with her complaining about something else.  This just goes on and on, to the point where I honestly wish Kate could get some medical and/or psychological help.  Surely if medicine could give her 8 healthy children, it could give her more peace of mind!

This got me to thinking about personality types.  In the book, Kate comes across just like she does on the show:  trying to enjoy life, but often frustrated and unhappy.  This despite all the fame and fortune that has come their way.  It’s instructive to all of us who feel that “the grass is always greener” – if you’re not happy now, you probably wouldn’t be even if you had everything.

Kate also discusses having been brought up with “very stringent guidelines and rules”, which she oddly seems unhappy about, since she is now such a proponent of stringent guidelines and rules for her own children.  An interesting example of how we repeat what we know …

Jon comes across as he does on the show also: helping tirelessly, seemingly the real hero of the family.  Kate mentions that at night he would carry the babies to bed one by one, stopping to hold each one up to her lips for her to kiss.  Although this is very sweet of Jon, it made me want to scream at Kate.  Please GET UP OUT OF YOUR CHAIR and help put your own kids to bed, gosh darn it!  It’s very reminiscent of the many scenes in the show where Kate is parked in her plastic chair, observing but rarely getting personally involved.

The last 30 pages or so of the book take on a more hopeful tone.  Realizing that they have no vehicle to transport the entire family, Jon and Kate do some research and end up purchasing a Dodge Sprinter van, which seats 10. It’s refreshing to see that, at least in the early days, they did buy things for themselves.  They host a big first birthday party for the sextuplets and invite 100, mainly folks who have volunteered to make their first year easier.

Mulitple Blessings by Jon and Kate Gosselin

In August 2005, when the sextuplets are just over a year old, the Gosselins are contacted by a TV company wanting to do a one-hour documentary on their life.  Kate describes how Jon was adamantly opposed to this and that she was leaning against it also, but was convinced by this line from the producers:  “We do television to help people understand other people better.”  I can see that this would be convincing to Kate, as she always seems to feel misunderstood by others.  She lists this quote, and the desire to have family memories forever captured on film, as the reasons they made the life-changing decision to do the documentary, which later led to the television series.

The book ends with Kate listing 6 lessons God has taught her through her children:  God is in control (although I think it’s debatable whether or not Kate fully realizes this yet), God is gracious and strong, etc.

I found myself a bit disappointed that the book ends at this point, when the sextuplets are still so small.  However,  where there’s publicity to be had, the Gosselins will usually have it.  Stay tuned for the next printed installment of the Gosselins’ adventures.

8 thoughts on “Multiple Blessings by Jon and Kate Plus Eight: A Review, part 2

  1. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed your review of this book!

    I almost bought this book the other day, but decided to wait. I’m glad I did : )

    I might still get it from the library some day, but I think I’d feel the same way about it as you do.

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. I find that show hard to watch. The one about the garage sale set me over the edge. She kind of reminded me of those bridezilla’ I would like to read the book about her infertility journey and her emotions at the time. Both of my boys are ICSI babies and the road was hard, long and lonely. I look at them every second of the day and thank God he allowed me this opportunity. I do joke about the hard work and chaos of raising little ones but never for a moment do I take them for granted. Glad I found you via your comment on my site. PS. the peppermint bark was the exact thing I was looking for to complete my baking tins. Thanks Susan

  3. I personally love this show. I have six kids between the ages of thirteen and three, so I can definitly relate. All my kids watch this show, and we have done alot of the same things, such as camping out in the backyard and roasting marshmallows{the kids had so much fun, but I died a thousand little deaths!!}
    I too feel bad fo jon at times cause sometimes kate needs a chill pill, but overall she just needs to feel supported. It’s just human nature to snap out when stressed.

  4. I love this show and enjoy watching it. I just wonder if the grandparents (paternal and maternal) are involved in their lives….Never hear too much about them….

  5. My daughter and I love this show! I personally can’t wait to read the book. We have only one child but I grew up with seven brothers and sisters and now have an additional 10 step brothers and sisters. I have great respect for any parents raising that many children and so young that the older ones can’t really help out like they did in my family.(I was number 7 of the eight). No one is perfect, kids don’t come with a manual. Every parent, every spouse out there have bad days and Jon and Kate are no different. Ever think that what you see is only what the network wants you to see? Conflict makes good TV. They run a tight ship and they have to, ask my Mom!

  6. l used to watch this program all the time ,but now only watch if l havn;t seen it, l always get annoyed with Kate.especially when Jon says a word she doesn;t think is appropriate and makes him say another word. but its ok for her to yell out poop. Kate also slaps Jon in the face she is hard core to me.
    l hope Kate changes when these children grow up, they don;t look like the perfect couple to me.There must be a problem with Kate she doesn;t seem to have any family or speaks of them. you know they say what goes around comes around.
    also Yes kate you do have everthing because you have viewers that watch the show.

  7. I watch the new episode of Jon & Kate Plus Eight about their new house. I was appauled by Kate’s reaction to a refrigerator being left uncleaned. I felt sad for the previous owners that their cleaning habits were exposed
    to National TV that way. The way Kate told their children that they were never allowed in their bedroom was unforgivable. We all grew up knowing that you knocked at your parents door and did not enter until asked in. Remember what it was like Saturday mornings when everyone piled into our parents big bed for a couple of hours. This was a part of growing up. To tell your children that are never allowed to step foot in your room is very selfish and let’s everyone know what a control freak she really is. I think the children are truly adorable with the exception of Mady. This child is in need of some serious discipline which never seems to happen. She hurts the other children and most the time gets away with it. I believe Kate has set the example of behavior for her.

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