Build-a-Bear Rudolph


Today I’m  featuring Rudolph, who my 7-year-old received a few years ago:

Build a Bear Rudolph

She had a special bond with Rudolph from the beginning.  She likes to sleep with him:

Build a Bear RudolphHe lives in the basement with the Christmas stuff most of the year, but I find she will frequently sneak downstairs and bring him up.  He’s more worn now, and his nose no longer glows, but last night was a special night for him – the annual network broadcast of Rudolph!

Build a Bear Rudolph(You’ll notice a few Rudolph ornaments watching, too).


4 thoughts on “Build-a-Bear Rudolph

  1. Rudolph is so cute, and obviously so beloved – just like the realRudolph : )

    Thanks for joining TIMHT!
    (you may want to redo your link – I came here via your comment)

  2. Awww…what a cutie! I especially love the pic of your daughter asleep, curled up with Rudolph. Sweet! 🙂

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