Do you ever get tired …

… of being the mature one?  As a conservative, I sure do.

This morning I read about Deborah Lawrence, an artist who was chosen for the honor of creating an ornament for the White House tree.  She used that opportunity to make an ornament with text referring to impeaching President Bush.  Very mature, Deborah.  Enjoy your 15 minutes of fame.

This called to mind the news reports a month ago about how riots were expected after the election if McCain won.  As we all know, McCain did not win – and what do you know, I don’t recall hearing about any riots at all.

I’m sure that there are examples of conservatives’ immaturity too, but it just seems that 90% of the time it’s the other way around.

Just an observation.

4 thoughts on “Do you ever get tired …

  1. How bizarre to use that kind of honor–being asked to design an ornament for the White House–in the way she did. I am at a loss for words. But I agree–we see this kind of immaturity so frequently from the liberals.

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