Free Wax Paper Alternative


Today, just what you need:  a free wax paper alternative.  Now, I know that wax paper probably isn’t a big expense to you.  But in these perilous financial times, I figure we can use all the help we can get.

When you finish a box of cereal, save the liner bag inside.  Make sure to shake out all the crumbs.

cereal bag linerCut off the end, open it carefully down the seam, and you have a perfect surface for rolling out a pie crust or cookie dough.  You can also leave it intact and put in crackers or pretzels to crush for a recipe. When you’re done, just roll it up and throw it away. Easy, and money-saving — try it today!


19 thoughts on “Free Wax Paper Alternative

  1. I like this idea! When you’re done with it, you can throw it away without guilt.

  2. Great idea! I save cereal bags to put (cooled) grease in after draining browned meat, but always have spare bags…I’ll have to try this! Merry Christmas!

  3. That’s so funny we posted about the same thing! I would have never thought to use cereal bags though. Great idea. I like the press’n seal because you can roll out big sections when you attach several pieces. A cereal bag would be great for my small pies.

  4. Well I believe you learned this idea from me! I’ve used cereal bags for YEARS! When I need to crush graham crackers or Ritz crackers – just put them in a cereal bag. Hold the open end closed. Roll over the bag with a rolling pin and wah – la – crushed crackers and there is nothing to clean up. The rolling pin doesn’t even get dirty.

  5. What a great idea! I too love simple ideas like this, they are the best and I think we would all be surprised to find out how much we save when we use simple ideas. Thanks for stopping by my blog. 🙂

  6. Your Grandma Schulte would be proud of you! She did this all the years of our youth.

  7. Repurposing cereal bags! I love it!

    BTW, thanks for the “Holy Cow” on quick cleaning the microwave. It totally cracked me up. I never expected my microwave cleaning tip to get a “Holy Cow”.

  8. Thanks a million for this idea. I am planning to make no bake cookies today and realized I had no wax paper on hand and came to the internet looking for an alternative and HERE IT IS !!!! I NEVER would have thought of this!! I LOVE the internet!!!



  9. Wow. So easy, so simple. Why didn’t I think of this? I’m sure glad you posted this tip!

  10. I’m making peppermint bark right now and needed a good idea like this. will use it now! Thanks and happy holidays!

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