Multiple Blessings by Jon and Kate Plus Eight: A Review, part 1

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So, I have read the much-awaited Multiple Bles8ings: Surviving to Thriving with Twins and Sextuplets book by Jon and Kate of the famous Jon and Kate Plus Eight TV show.


My thoughts?  First, I would read a library copy rather than buying the book.  If you’re a faithful viewer of the show, and I assume most who read the book would be, you really won’t learn a lot that you don’t already know.  Don’t buy it for the photos – all the photos are black and white, on the regular book pages.  Nothing color or glossy.  If you want cute photos of the baby Gosselins, check out their original website.

The book begins with Jon and Kate meeting, and quickly moves into their quest to have children.  The book is written from Kate’s point of view, although Jon and Beth Carson (a friend) are also listed as authors.  The writing flows pretty well, although here and there some awkward phrases stick out:  Jon didn’t mind “having his eye caught on me,” Kate tells us.  She also claims to be “often comforted” by a quote of Abraham Lincoln (“The best thing about the future is that it comes one day at a time”), which seems a little unexpected for Kate.

They get married in June and Kate is pregnant by February, which makes one wonder whether the fertility quest was even needed.  When the twins turn two, Kate has the now-famous desire for “just one more”, and of course we know the rest.

The book does delve into her pregnancy quite a bit, which is interesting.  She went to the hospital in March, two months before the sextuplets were born.  This had to be, to use a favorite Kate word, “exhausting”.  She details how hard it was to be away from her girls during that time.

In a November 2008 article in Good Housekeeping magazine, Kate says, “Other families of sextuplets have both moms living right around the corner, helping them.  We’ve had none of that.”   Well … not exactly.  She details in the book how helpful her mom was, visiting her daily in the hospital and giving her handfuls of index cards with Bible verses written on them.  The family also lived with Kate’s parents for at least a week or so after the sextuplets were born.  This all leads one to wonder what happened with her parents, who are now totally out of the picture in Jon and Kate’s lives.  Her dad is not mentioned at all in the book.

After the babies are born and Kate can no longer stand staying with her parents,  Jon makes some calls and gets approval for the family to stay at the Ronald McDonald House for a few weeks.  Hershey then offers them the use of a condo.  This appears to be the beginning of the monetary fortune bestowed upon the family.

And they do need fortune, as Jon loses one job while Kate is pregnant and works at another just a month before being fired after the babies are born.  We are left to wonder exactly why this is … Kate infers that it’s because the companies didn’t want to pay for health insurance for the family, but who knows?

Kate later laments that volunteers helping with the babies “took a stab at (Jon’s) male ego” by asking if he had yet found a job.  I had to laugh at this, observing how Kate takes stabs at Jon’s ego during every other sentence of their couch confessionals on the show.

Kate liberally sprinkles Bible verses throughout the book, and begins each chapter with a meaningful verse.  This began to bother me.  As a Christian, I love that she quotes the Bible.  But, her actions speak so loudly that it’s hard to hear her words after awhile.

“Can’t anyone see that I’m bleeding over here?” Kate asks (figuratively bleeding, folks, not literally), as she lies in bed while a crowd of volunteers is feeding her babies in the living room.  She becomes irritated as she hears the volunteers cheerily discussing things like getting pedicures and expensive haircuts.

At this point, I want to scream, “Woman!  If you can just hold things together for a year or two, you’ll have all the free pedicures and expensive haircuts you can handle!”  And then I think, maybe this is how God feels about us when we are ungrateful and complain.  I have to tell you, it was really convicting to me and makes me think twice before feeling irritated.  This was one thing I took from the book.

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9 thoughts on “Multiple Blessings by Jon and Kate Plus Eight: A Review, part 1

  1. I like watching show, but I can tell by your summary that the book would get on my nerves too.

  2. I haven’t seen the show (don’t have cable) and am not likely to read the book…although families with multiples fascinate me. My little girl has “twin” baby dolls–both named Emily–so I think she shares that fascination. 😉 I enjoyed your review, and particularly liked your last paragraph. Oh, so true!! Thank you.

  3. Kate does get annoying at times, and poor Jon hardly ever gets a word in and when he does she interupts him. She has alot of issues because being the mother of multiples is a high stress no thank job. Being a parent of six , I tend to have issues too, but I think that she is crying out for attention. I have begun to see that I ‘ve control issues like her. In her defense when you have that many kids(ours are 13, 10, 9, 8, 5 and 3) you must have control and order, otherwise there will be chaos.
    Thankfully watching that show has become a sort of therapy for me. When I see how she reacts to things, and know I would react the same way, it calms me. The kids have taken to watching the show with me, and my eight year old will say “mamma are the babies on tonight?”
    I am a fan of anything that keeps them interested!

  4. I am so tired of everybody ragging on Joh and Kate….Just spend one day in her shoes….As a mother of 5, my kids were spread out, but still just having one toddler going through the terrible twos or the terrifying 3’s, I can’t even imagine 6 of them going through that at the same time….Kate did work until she couldn’t work anymore with her pregnancy, just look at the pictures and see how big she was, how could anyone expect her to work as a L+D nurse…During there first 2 years, Kate worked 16 hour days on the weekend as a nurse to help out with the expenses, or did you forget that…I don’t begrudge them the trips or the plastic surgery or anything else that has come their way….As they have said numerous times, they would do anything for their kids….I love watching the shows over and over and I can’t wait for Mondays and a new show…They have given America a wonderful show that Moms and Dads can actually sit down with their kids and watch and be fearful of what will be said or done…I don’t hear people complaining about the money the Osbournes of the Kardasians get for their shows or some of the other filth that is one television….I have her book and loved it and can’t wait for the new one all about the kids…I love that they are unabashed about their Christianity, that is truly refreshing..They aren’t afraid to wear shirts with Bible verses on them…Stop being so jealous, that is also a sin, and let them be….The kids are the ones who will benefit from all of this, in that they will be able to go to college, which would have been impossible with that many children….

  5. You said: “They get married in June and Kate is pregnant by February, which makes one wonder whether the fertility quest was even needed.”

    Well, it’s well known that Kate had and still has Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) and that led to her infertility issues. Most women with that condition are unable to conceive without medical condition. Many women are unable to have periods or ovulate, hence, they require either IVF or IUI with clomid or injectibles to conceive. If they hadn’t taken the route they took, Jon and Kate could have tried to conceive naturally for the rest of their reproductive years and they most likely wouldn’t have been able to get pregnant.

  6. Is anyone else wondering why no family or friends were at their renewal of vows in Hawaii? I started watching the show from the beginning. Remember her best friend Beth? What about Aunt Jody? Seems to me that even though they have a brand new gorgeous big home on a huge piece of property that something is missing. You guessed it? Friends and family? I just wonder if all the money gave them what they really wanted. It’s too late now. You have to take the good with the bad. I don’t buy into her complaining about things associated with their “work” schedules. I’m sure it’s work. However, for those of us who have had a spouse lose a very good job, it’s really hard to not have work. I think that John and Kate and their kids should really search long and hard on what really is important. Money doesn’t buy happiness.

  7. Hey this is Carrie Reid and i just wanted to tell you people that i love you guy’s show!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Love, Carrie Reid

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