Repurpose Shredded Paper to make free Pet Bedding

As the proud mom of four small furry creatures, I go through a lot of pet bedding.  As I buy various types of bedding, I always feeling bad spending money on something that will end up in the trash a week later.

pine shavings pet bedding

Meanwhile, I shred our bills and junk mail, feeling vaguely bad about throwing all that paper trash into the garbage each week (although I don’t consider myself all that “green,” I do love repurposing items).

PAPER shredder

One day, VOILA!  I thought, why not use all that shredded paper as bedding?

gerbils shredded paper as pet beddingThe gerbils love it …

hedgehog shredded paper as pet bedding… as does the hedgehog (yes, we have a hedgehog!).

You observant readers may wonder where pet #4 is.  He is a rabbit, and doesn’t use bedding.

Try this for your small animals and see how it works.  If your animal is extremely sensitive, I suppose it’s a possibility that the inks in the paper would bother him, but our pets have had no problems with it.

Additionally, my girls love knowing that last week’s math homework is now creating a cozy bed for their furry friends.

6 thoughts on “Repurpose Shredded Paper to make free Pet Bedding

  1. Now *THIS* is an AMAZING idea! I just love it and can’t believe I never knew it when I had pets. It’s so perfect!

    Being a major bunny-fan, I would love to see your rabbit! I used to have a lop-eared bunny named Sheldon who was the love of my life so I have a big place in my heart for rabbits 🙂

  2. Too bad we have no RODENT type pets : )
    if we did now we could put to good use all the shredded paper.

    Good idea.

  3. This is a fabulous idea! I hate throwing our shredded paper in the trash, but I am oddly nervous about putting it in the recycling. (We compost the shredded newspaper, so I don’t feel badly about that.)

    I’m not going to lie…I’m trying to get rid of all the rodents in my life! I’ve heard, actually, that hedgehogs can be good at helping get rid of mice. I think you’d have to let him roam a bit, though.

  4. LOL! My boys would probably enjoy seeing their homework destroyed in this fashion too!

    We use the shredded paper to line our pet carriers when the kitties have to go to the vets.

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