Menu Plan Monday


Please join me in the kitchen for Menu Plan Monday!  It’s a three-day cooking week here because of the holiday, so I thought it would be a good time to start.  It strikes me as a bit humorous that I would do this, because I don’t enjoy cooking, but with a family of five, it’s a necessity.  And heaven knows, I have a LOT of practice.  A. lot.

Monday will be Layered Fiesta Casserole.  Mondays are a challenging cooking day for me, as they are also grocery shopping day.  I usually try to come up with a recipe where I already have the ingredients, and this one filled the bill.  I also noticed that we had quite a few tortillas around, and this one uses several.  You’ll tend to notice a Mexican theme in my cooking too.  We enjoy a little south-of-the-border every week.

Lately I am enjoying dishes with tomatoes as an ingredient, because we have a ready supply.  Last month, before the first hard freeze, I picked all the green tomatoes left on our plants in the garden (and there were quite a few).  It’s wonderful to just go into the laundry room and collect ripe, truly organic tomatoes off the counter.


Tuesday will be homemade pizza (sorry, no recipe).

Wednesday we’ll have Cheddar Chicken Spaghetti.  Wednesdays are always a challenge because after school I give a piano lesson, then leave to take a child to dance, and then we have just an hour for dinner before taking the girls to Awana.  I try to make some meals up ahead of time to put in the freezer for nights like this, and thankfully last night I discovered this yummy dish there, just waiting to be thawed.

Then it’s off to Grandma’s (I would love to say Over the River and through the Woods, but that’s not really accurate) for a wonderful Thanksgiving feast.

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  1. I guess I did not know you did not enjoy cooking. You do it cheerfully. I remember your vigor in 4-H days.
    I am hoping your Thanksgiving Feast will fill the bill. I’ll do my best!

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