The Thanksgiving Table Tradition

Thanksgiving table tradition

Several years ago, my mom started the Thanksgiving table tradition with my sisters and me.  She gave each of us pilgrim boy and girl figurines, and a table (actually the bottom of a Velveeta box, upside down).  She made a tablecloth for the table and gave us each a food miniature.  Each year, she gives us a new item for the table, until now it’s overflowing. You can find small food items at craft stores, or wherever you’d buy dollhouse furniture and accessories. Some of the cute little erasers that seem to be everywhere these days would work well too.

Over the years, I loved setting up the Thanksgiving table in my apartment, then the first house I lived in when I got married, and now our current house.  And now, it’s my kids who enjoy setting up the table.  In fact, they love it so much that I have to set aside one week for each of them in November to be the “table designer.”

Thanksgiving table pilgrims

This year, my 11-year-old has gotten extremely interested in making miniatures from Crayola Model Magic, and so she has made the food gift.

The Thanksgiving Table is a Thanksgiving tradition you can create with your children. Does your family have a Thanksgiving table tradition, or another Thanksgiving tradition that you enjoy?


7 thoughts on “The Thanksgiving Table Tradition

  1. I love this idea, my girls would really enjoy doing this!! so would I, and what wonderful memories you all must have of getting it, and adding each year!
    I really like your blog, and will certainly be back!

  2. What a clever idea! I’ve never heard or thought of such a thing, even though I’ve always loved miniature items.

    I’m so glad you found me and joined TIMHT – and of all days Mr. Linky is messed up….. : (

    I expect to enjoy your blog because I have been reading Caroline’s (I found her via my daughter) for a long time and feel like she’s part of the family! : ) She is adorable and sweet and interesting and we can never wait to see what she is doing or writing about.

    Welcome to blogging and THings In My House Thursday!

  3. This is adorable!! What a fun thing for your mom to do with you and your sister! Welcome to TIMHT. I’ve been part for a handful of weeks now and love it!

  4. Oh, that is so cute! What a neat idea. My kids love that model magic clay! Great tradition!

  5. I got the Thanksgiving table idea years ago from a piano pupil’s mother. They moved back to Missouri a long time back, but each year I am scouring spots for the miniatures. This year I’ve found a windfall of them. One year I drove to Nashville IN and bought 3 miniatures. I got back change only from a twenty. I am very frugal. It has never occurred again! I give them to my girls on Thanksgiving Day. I was happy last weekend, when I visited my youngest daughter in Plainfield IN, to see she had her Thanksgiving Table on her fireplace mantel! I’m imagine someday my girls will make Thanksgiving Tables for THEIR girls to enjoy. Then the circle will be complete!

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