Sarah Palin to the Rescue

Here’s an unpopular opinion:  I love Sarah Palin.

From the time I first heard about her in early 2008, I thought she sounded like a breath of fresh air.  At that time, seeing that the primaries were trending away from any candidate I favored, I learned about Alaska’s conservative governor.  Her beliefs sounded very similar to mine:  pro-life, small government, cut the pork.  She was even my age.  Wow – why couldn’t she be the candidate?

Fast forward to August, and imagine my joy when she was actually chosen as McCain’s VP.  I freely admit that she is the reason I pulled the lever for McCain (I would never have pulled it for Obama, but would probably have voted Libertarian).

My girls and I had the thrill of seeing Palin in action in October when she visited our city.Sarah Palin rally 2008 Fort Wayne Indiana

Thousands waited for hours to get into the building to see her.  I have never seen such enthusiasm for a candidate.

So.  What’s with the media totally trashing her (after admittedly printing positive stories on her for 24 hours or so after her selection)?

I attribute it mainly to the mainstream media’s bias against conservatives – nothing new, I know, but it has seemed particularly nasty when turned on Palin.

I think that the media resents Palin because she is pro-life.  Not only pro-life, but she had the nerve to actually give birth to a child with Down’s Syndrome, a child who most would have aborted.  This put an end to the typical response of pro-choicers that pro-lifers don’t actually “walk the walk” themselves.

I think the media resents Palin because of her way of speaking.  I find her folksy, accented speech refreshing.  She relates well to people and it easy to listen to, something I can’t say for a majority of politicians.  She is fresh and creates connections quickly with her audience.

The media’s treatment of Palin particularly galling because of liberals’ number one commandment:  Thou Shalt be Tolerant.  Where is the tolerance towards Sarah Palin?

I’m still waiting to see that.


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